Presenting Jumbo Pacific's Best Selling Raw Shells. Consist of Mother of Pearls, Brownlip, Blacklip, Hammer, Paua and Limpit shells. Distinctively characterized by the color, these exquisite shells made a great waves for today’s fashion trends. Truly a natures beauty.

Raw Shells Collection

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Code : JPRCS004
Desc.: Hammer raw shells. Approximately 3"- 8" in height.
Price: US$ 0.84 per kilo

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Code : JPRCS005
Desc.: Paua raw shells. Approximately 4"- 7" in diameter.
Price: US$ 8.72 per kilo

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Code : JPRCS006
Desc.: Limpit raw shells. Approximately 2" - 4" in diameter.
Price: US$ 4.36 per kilo

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raw shells
Assorted Shell Specimen
Assorted Shell Specimen



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